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| Wise words.


- The practice of funding a project or venture by raising a specific amount of money from a large number of people.


A term very well known but not used by many..

We chose to break down this term because we feel that now, more than ever, is the time to start adjusting our spending habits, thinking habits, and financial practices.


A brief example of this term:

Let's say 100 young people in a community were to come together to create a fund, each of them consistently investing about $20 into the crowd fund every 2 weeks, which would equal to $40 a month. After adding that up, it turns out to be a staggering $24,000 raised just within 6 months. With this $24,000, let's say a few of the people within the crowd fund have knowledge on stocks, real estate, or something else very lucrative, you would then have $24,000 to invest in something that could double, triple, or even quintuple your $24,000 investment in no time with each person owning a share of the investment. Then you do it again and again and again, there by creating the crowd's own generational wealth by just simply investing $40 a month.


Sounds easy right? The only thing is, it's not.

Just like with most things challenging, there could be massive reward though, like the company Filecoin that raised $257,000,000 in just a month due to its own crowd funding campaign.

Many companies and families have successfully pulled this off but it seems that younger crowds don't take to it lightly, we like to build our own. Which, even though is great to do, many should know that you will reach financial freedom a lot faster when building with each other. More building, less breaking down...


WE can do this, let's "inve$t in us."


- The simple task of making sure your day 1's dreams don't go unnoticed or unsupported.

We chose to break down this term because a lot of folks act like it's rocket science to be a supporter of your peers when really it doesn't take much to do.


This is something that's sometimes free, doesn't take much effort and can change your homie & even your life too. When we say "support the homies" this means contributing to their vision in any way possible, whether that's money, giving honest feedback, words of encouragement, or simply a repost, like, or comment on every post they discuss their business idea or proposition on. Sometimes all a new business owner, content creators, or entrepreneur needs is a little bit of encouragement and support from those they love to keep them motivated to do good in the world.


When it comes to buying from the homie, don't pay full amount, PAY EXTRA... We give these other brands/companies what they ask for with no question, why not keep the same energy with your peers? At least they're somebody who you can relate to.

This is what we, at Yang, want to see more of.

Fuck hatin', let's get money, support each other and empower those around us to do the same.

You can have all the money in the world but it won't mean anything if you can't enjoy it with the ones you love. So after reading this, go support a friends' business any way you can because at the end of the day, we're all trying to get somewhere... all it takes is for the right amount of people to contribute.


- To establish a level of confidence and belief in your passion, vision, and work ethic, while also being completely secure in your decisions which ultimately enables your supporters to feel comfortable believing in your vision too.
Although this may seem like a simple task, many don't realize the level of belief we are referring to. The belief system of an entrepreneur, a business man/woman or anyone with a dream for that matter, is the key component to a strong foundation. Simply put, without belief, you might as well quit now.

One thing we've developed an eye for is what drives influence in the masses of our demographic. A few of those things are: Money, Familiarity, Social media, and lastly BELIEF.

What made us aware of this level of influence that belief brings to the culture was studying the greats. The confidence, the tunnel vision and hunger of those who are now considered "Legends" was something that they had instilled in them before the fame, money and respect that they have today. Did the belief in themselves influence other's to be more supportive and believe in their dream as well? You damn right.

On the journey to success, sometimes all you have is your belief because others may think your ideas are crazy or impossible, which has been stated by many famous artists and other successful people.
It's all a part of that "believe it to achieve it" moment, being able to see where you want to go in life and having an image so clear in your head on how you want your future to look, that you KNOW you can make it happen. As they see you achieve, this will spark ideas in others and will get people to ask "if they're working so hard towards their dreams, why aren't I?" and that's the start of your belief catching their attention.

Keep believing.


- To navigate through your daily life with the habit of of remembering WHY you are doing the things that you are passionate about.

Most young entrepreneurs and even business owners who have reached unimaginable goals within the market will at some point become
victims of forgetting their why. Your "why" is simply the deeper reason behind why you have the passion you do, it's the "bigger picture" that explains what it is that you truly work for. For some of us, that passion is to change the world, for others it may be the live a healthier life or to inspire, etc.
 Everybody, even those in the society who are not entrepreneurs or business owners, are working for a bigger purpose. An example of a company that has a crystal clear sense of their "why" is Apple. When you think of this trillion dollar tech company, what is your first thought? "Innovators?" "Pioneers?" "Challenging the status quo?" I'm sure one of these popped in your head and do you know why that is? It's because they are one of the best at constantly working towards their why. They make it clear that every move they make, every time they step foot in office or even out of their office that you know what Apple stands for.

Your "Why" is what will grab the attention of others who share your same beliefs... It's what take you from being just a company to an actual movement.

If you don't have a clear sense of WHY you are doing WHAT you are doing then that means you are no longer working for a bigger cause. That leaves you in a position of only working for profits, which will leave not only your company in a tough spot, but it will leave the customer in a confused state as well and will ultimately end up in your company losing its key supporters. Be sure to take this knowledge and apply it to your every day grind so that your business can make it past the estimated life expectancy of 3 years that 90% of new businesses don't make it til and hopefully you can push even further to become one of the fortune 500 companies of America. ~ Get money.


- Staying persistent and dedicated in the hard times until you have your breakthrough.

To "walk through the storm" is a statement we love to use because there's a time in everyone's journey where things aren't going as planned or when life knocks you on your ass. But in these times there is something important happening... your character is being built and life is trying to see if you are made for the successful life that you're seeking.

Everyone wants to be successful and if it were easy everyone would have it, clearly that is not the case. So with us knowing that, we EXPECT for things to sometimes go wrong, we shape our mind to completely accept that things will not always go how we want it & to fully overcome that, we simply prepare for the rainy days. The easiest and most efficient way to overcome something is to prepare for it before it even happens, hence the saying "stacking for a rainy day."

'Thirty-three mil, I'll save that for the rain.' - Drake

Now since we all have a simple understanding of what it means to walk through the storm in order to shine, how about you apply this to your life and next time you are presented with a setback or a tough time where life is kicking your ass, you think back to this message & remember what's to come after that storm passes.

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